Enable Transfer to Data Repositories

Currently openBIS offers an integration with the Zenodo data repository (https://zenodo.org/). 

This enables data direct data transfer from openBIS to Zenodo.

This feature needs to be configured by a system admin as explained here: openBIS DSS configuration file.

If this is done, the Zenodo Export needs to be made visible in the ELN UI by a lab manager, who has should have admin rights for the Settings. This can be done by a group admin, in case of a multi-group instance set up.


  1. Edit the Settings under Utilities.

  2. Select showZenodoExportBuilder in the Main Menu section.

  3. Save.

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The Export to Zenodo functionality becomes available under the Utilities menu (a refresh of the browser page may be necessary to see the change):

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Updated on April 26, 2023